Who God is—

We believe in a Triune God, that is understood as three persons, but of one nature.  As we search the Scriptures we find evidence of the Trinity in the baptism story of Jesus in all four gospels. We understand that it is difficult for many people to comprehend how the Trinity exists as individual persons yet in complete harmony but also acknowledge our limited ability to understand.

The person of Jesus Christ—

We believe the ‘Word of God’ is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God revealed to humanity in human form—fully human and fully divine.  The Gospel of John starts with a concise prologue describing Christ as the source of wisdom.

The Bible in our lives—

The bible is important in our faith formation and contains all things necessary for salvation, Jesus reveals to us God’s nature and our task.  We participate in regular bible study to allow God to examine us and instruct us on the next faithful steps to reflect his intention for our life.

God walks with us daily—

We believe that God invites each of us into a relationship with the Divine.  God uses several means or methods to communicate and commune with us.  The regular practices of prayer, worship, study, service and generosity allow us to understand the will of God as we seek to live into our createdness.  Every relationship we have on earth is another opportunity to share what God means to us as we seek to love all humanity. 

What we hold sacred—

Sacraments are divine experiences that help us restore our relationship with God.  Sacraments are sacred moments between God and the participant in the sacrament.  We recognize and celebrate two sacraments, Holy Communion and Baptism since these are the two that Jesus Christ took part in.

Holy Communion is for All—

All are welcome to the table who seek to develop, renew or restore their relationship with God.  We acknowledge our brokenness and God’s power to heal and renew us through the sacrament of Holy Communion. 

The role of the Church in the world—

The Church is fundamentally flawed and imperfect, but is a well-meaning family.  Itis the best physical imperfect manifestation of the coming Kingdom of Heaven.  While we are all sinners, we seek to be moving on to grow in Christian love and service to the world and each other each day.  God is still working on us.